Seed The Change
Doing good made simple.

Make a difference.

Seed The Change exists to help small businesses make a difference in the world, often increasing sales at the same time. Social-good companies like Warby Parker, Thankyou Water & TOMS became hugely successful by giving back to the world for every sale they make.

Becoming a social-good company used to be a massive undertaking. Often involving starting a charity yourself and essentially building a second, not-for-profit business. Seed The Change lets you become a social good company without the bureaucracy and paperwork. We want you to start making a difference in the world as quickly and easily as possible.

Trees have been planted so far
Kg of CO2 is offset by just one tree

One and a half acres of forest is cut down every second.

Human activity costs us 46,923 square miles of forest each year. At this rate it will take less than 700 years for all of the forests in the world to be totally destroyed.

One Tree

One tree can make a difference.

Planting just one tree and growing it for 30 years will offset the emissions from a drive of around 310 miles, or a flight of around 1,242 miles.

It’s about more than growing trees.

Growing Communities

Growing communities.

Tree planting projects provide opportunities for community involvement and empowerment that improves the quality of life in neighbourhoods. All cultures, ages and genders have an important role to play in the projects.

Our projects.

Our projects span the globe helping to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests where it’s needed most.

Let’s make a difference together.