Earn Tokens and Plant Trees


6,500 PLT + 12 Trees Planted = 0.1 ETH

Pre-sale ends in

Who are we?

  • Plant a Tree Token (PLT) is a sustainable token that helps the environment by planting trees.
  • PLT was developed in collaboration with the SeedTheChange, which was founded in 2013, has planted over 35,000 trees and plants trees in Ethiopia, Haiti, Madagascar, and Nepal.


What makes us special?

  • For each 0.1 Ethereum coin (ETH), you will receive 6,500 PLT tokens, and we will plant 12 trees. For every 20 dollars invested, we plant 1 tree!
  • Ethereum token BEP20 with proof-of-stack (POS) algorithm, a scalable more sustainable algorithm.
  • Earn tokens just by holding it. For every purchase, 1% goes to all the holders. That way, the first holders get much more reward tokens.
  • We have a finite number of tokens. There are 2B tokens in total.
  • Goal of 10,000,000 trees planted if we reach the goal of $200M.
  • For every purchase, 5% goes towards liquidity, 5% goes towards costs, 1% goes to the owners, and 1% goes to all holders.

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