Working With Seed The Change

How did Seed The Change get started?

You can read the story in a letter from one of our founders.

Do you plant the trees yourself?

We have a formal partnership with a charity partner based in California. They’ve planted over 100,000,000 trees across Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, and Haiti. We’re very grateful to be partnered with such an established charity that’s done so much good in the world.

The charity we chose to partner with has developed a highly-efficient, long-term (5 years or more) program for the support and care of the trees to ensure their longevity.

Does it really increase conversions?

Two of our Partners ran tests to measure the impact of Seed The Change on their conversion rates & they both saw an increase of over 25%!

We’re so confident in the increase that we offer a double money-back guarantee for the first 30-days of your partnership. If your A/B split test doesn’t show an increase that increases your profits, we won’t charge you for the trees but we’ll plant them anyway! And nobody has had a failed test since we launched in November 2013.

Why would I want to run a one-for-one program?

  • It’s allows you to give back and make the world a better place
  • It differentiates your brand from the competition
  • It makes your brand more likeable because you stand for something more than just profits
  • It increases the perceived value of your products because when the customer buys from you – they’re also getting the rewarding feeling of having made the world a better place
  • It creates opportunities to communicate with your audience – through blog posts, email updates, and social media posts you’ll have extra opportunities to contact your audience and remind them you exist (which gives them a chance to buy from you!)
  • It has a positive impact on conversions – because of the psychological principle of Reciprocity, people are less likely to abandon their cart because you’re giving them something more than the product as a bonus
  • It has a positive impact on cart size – because they more items they buy, the more trees you plant, they’re psychologically motivated to buy more from you

What do I get when I become a Seed The Change partner?

  • A automatic connection between your store and our systems that automates keeping track of how many trees you’ve planted, billing, and verifying that the trees will be planted by notifying your customers via email
  • A live counter to show on every page of the website – so people know how many trees you’ve planted (this is a big factor in boosting your conversions)
  • Pre-written text that explains your Tree Planting Program that you can copy and paste onto an explanation page and a smaller version to put at the end of each product’s description
  • Automatic, tax-deductible billing via credit/debit card on the first of every month for the trees you planted throughout the previous month
  • A 30-day double guarantee period – if you don’t see an increase in conversions (via an A/B split test) we won’t charge you for the trees but we’ll still plant them anyway!
  • The legal benefit of having a for-profit company between you and the charity – nobody wants to have to sue a charity if anything goes wrong! (if this item is important for you, be sure to seek independent legal advice)

How much does it cost to get started?

In a survey conducted of eCommerce shoppers, they expected (on average) a cost of $5 or more per tree.

Our cost per tree is just $0.60 USD per tree.

We have zero setup fees and zero cancellation fees.

You’ll only ever pay for the trees that are actually going to be planted.

How do I become a Seed The Change partner?

It’s a quick and simple process – just register your store here (it should take just a few minutes).

Getting your site configured is also really simple if you’re running Shopify we provide step-by-step instructions to follow once you finish registration. It should only take you around 15 minutes to get up and running!

If you’re running on BigCommerce or WooCommerce we have to make some changes on our side before you’re ready to go but you should be up and running within a day.

If you’re running a different Shopping Cart or want to use Seed The Change for a non-eCommerce project such as planting a tree whenever someone joins your email product or when they buy your course we’ll work with you directly to get you set up quickly.

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